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The OJays Bring Their “Love Train” to Horseshoe

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on March 31, 2012

The OJays at Horseshoe Casino


Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana hosted a sold out performance by The OJays on Friday evening. The class of 2005  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members, including founders , Eddie Levert Sr. and lifelong friend Walter Williams Sr. along with Eric Nolan Grant who joined in 1995, sang and danced for ninety minutes covering songs from their fifty year history.  The energetic group was backed by a twelve piece band and tapped many of their 24 top ten hits including “Backstabbers, “I Love Music” and “For The Love of Money”.

The biggest ovation came when sixty-nine year old, Eddie Levert Sr. spoke to the audience about getting the country back on track, telling them to”Pray to God to put down our differences and save the USA”. As many in the audience  shouted in agreement, the group broke into an acapella version of Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready” that flowed perfectly into “Love Train”.

There were times that age stole parts from their range of vocals, however the trio’s solid harmonies, energetic delivery  and love of performing showed throughout the night.

The music was fresh and enjoyable.  It was a tribute to the success of a legendary group who has mastered the art of entertainment.

This band doesn’t rest on their past history. It’s very evident they can still deliver a first class show.


The Ojay's , Eddie Levert Sr and Eric Nolan Grant

Walter Williams Sr

The OJays


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