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Lady Guitar Slingers Rock Louisville

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on March 2, 2011

Kelly Richey Jams at Moms Music

Ana Popovic plays Stevie Rays Blues Bar

Two of the top female guitarists  of the top female guitarist in the business performed on back to back days in Louisville.

On Saturday,Mom’s Music hosted Kelly Richey for a workshop followed by a Jam session with Jimi V and Marvin Maxwell. Richey’s talent on guitar and vocals has made her a long time favorite in the Midwest. Often described as ” Stevie Ray Vaughn trapped in a woman’s body with Janis Joplin screaming to get out”, played an amazing guitar filled set back by the best band the city has to offer. She is scheduled to return to Stevie Rays Blues Bar, July 8 and 9 and several more times this year. You don’t want to miss these shows!

Sunday evening , Stevie Rays Blues Bar featured Serbian born,the 2006 WC Handy Award nominee, Ana Popovic. I was told Ana was ill  and I wondered how her performance would be affected.  All concerns ended when Ana took the stage and started into” My Man”. Her blistering guitar captured the audience and didn’t let them go until the first set was complete.She mentioned her illness stating,”My voice is a little rough tonight so I may have to play more guitar”. That didn’t seem to bother the audience who cheered at her comment.

On a night where Ana was clearly not feeling her best, you would never know it from her performance. I stayed till the end on a late Sunday evening, something I didn’t plan on doing. The show was just too good to leave.

The President of Kentuckiana Blues News, Gary Sampson said to me during the show’” This is the best show I have seen all year, if your a blues fan and you missed this show. You really screwed up!”

As I was saying goodbye to Ana, a fan walked up and said to her” I paid twelve dollars to see the show, I really feel I need to go back and pay them twelve dollars more!”

Ana Popovic, a Serbian born female is probably the farthest person who you would ever expect to play amazing blues. I left there thinking of what a love she must have for the blues to have made it this far. I am positive if she were a male she would already be recognized with the young greats like Bonamassa and Trucks.






















Ana Popovic plays Stevie Rays Blues Bar

Ana Popovic plays Stevie Rays Blues Bar

Jimi V and Kelly Richey jam at Mom's Music


Kelly Richey at Moms Music

Jimi V at Moms Music

Marvin Maxwell at Moms Music

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