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The Eagles open Yum Center in Style

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on October 17, 2010



Glenn Frey


Timothy B Schmit


Don Henley



Joe Walsh


The Eagles officially opened Louisville’s Yum Center, Saturday evening. The 1998 members  of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, proved to be a fine choice to begin what will be a long history of memorable shows in the world class arena.

The streets surrounding of the center were alive with excitement and anticipation prior to the show as people got their first taste of the long awaited entertainment center. They were not disappointed. The facility is first class in every way. Fans were greeted by friendly ushers and servers who thanked you for coming and wished you a good time.

The Eagles took the stage around 8:25. The sound was excellent, crisp and clean throughout the building. These guys may have started by in 1971 but the vocals and harmonies are as beautiful as ever.

The band mixed early hit songs with newer material from the 2007 album,” Long Road out of Eden”. The stage featured a  large video screen behind the band playing video’s  made for each song. On each side above the stage were video screens displaying close ups of the band members and occasionally the crowd.

The core members of the band, founder, Glenn Frey, Don Henley , Timothy B Schmit and Joe Walsh where backed by a horn section, two keyboardist, and additional drummer, Scott Crago.  Along with guitarist Stuart Smith who played a large role in the opening set handling electric portions of the music while the core members played acoustic guitars and sang. The song” Hotel California” highlighted the first set.

After taking a break of 30 minutes the band began with several mellow tunes, including “Best of My Love” while seated.

They then kicked in with many of their five number one hits and six number one albums blending well known solo numbers from Walsh, Henley and Frey.

Joe Walsh absolutely stole he show with “ Walk Away”, Life’s Be Good”, “Rocky Mountain Way”, and a jazzy  “Funk 49” backed by a strong horn section and guitar licks from, Walsh, Frey and Smith.

Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”  followed , and “Life in the Fast Lane” added final touches to an excellent performance.

The encore of “Desperado” sent a satisfied audience home with memories that will last a life time.

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