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Band of Horses plays the Brown Theater

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on October 12, 2010


Band of Horses rock the Brown Theater



Stone Gossard of Brad



Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses


Band of Horses returned to Louisville’s Brown Theater performing their Infinite Arms Tour to a nearly sold out venue. The house was full of dedicated fans who sang along with the band on every tune.

Lead by Ben Bridwell’s  masterful voice, the Horse’s harmonized beautifully during their two hour plus set playing 27 songs with as many as four guitars matching notes on many of them.

The band was joined by former member, Blake Mills who also opened the show and fit in like he had never left.

The indie folk rock sound filled the air while an impressive background scenes gave you the feel of a peaceful night in nature.

Brad was also on the bill featuring Pearl Jam guitarist, Stone Gossard who anchored the band along with excellent vocals from Shawn Smith. The band was very interesting mixing sounds of grudge, rock and soul with psychedelia for a refreshing sound.

It was a night of quality music featuring very talented musicians who still clearly enjoy their work.

Set List

  1. For Annabelle
  2. Islands On The Coast
  3. NW Apt.
  4. The Great Salt Lake
  5. Laredo
  6. The General Specific
  7. Compliments
  8. Marry Song
  9. Factory
  10. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
  1. (Unknown)pastedGraphic.pdf
  1. Dilly
  2. Weed Party
  3. Is There A Ghost?
  4. Part One
  5. Older
  6. Hey Lover
  7. No One’s Gonna Love You
  8. Wicked Gil
  9. The Funeral
  10. Ode to LRC
  11. The First Song
  12. MonsterspastedGraphic.pdf
  13. NeighborpastedGraphic.pdf
  1. Encore:
  1. Evening Kitchen
  2. Georgia (Cee-Lo cover)


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