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Black Sabbath Photos ,Klipsch Music Center , Indianapolis

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on August 23, 2013
Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

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The Black Sabbath tour in support of their new CD “13”  visited the  Klipsch Music Center outside Indianapolis Sunday.  Ozzy Osbourne voice was surprisingly clear and strong  early in the show  as he shuffled through the 18 song set.  Original members, Tony Iommi  and Geezer Bultler  are true musicians who created a wall of sound along with Tommy Clufetos on Drums who replaced original , Bill Ward.

Guitarist  Iommi and bassist  Butler along with powerful Clufetos proved that age is no barrier to heavy metal brilliance by unleashing riff after pounding riff the entire evening.

Osbourne drop his usual amount of F-Bombs and showed that he can still connect with his audience even if his skills have diminished. No one seemed to mind as he constantly asked his fans to ,”Get your F-ing hands in the air”
At one point Osbourne mentioned, “I smell some got weed out there! I would like to join you but my wife would kill me!”

Black Sabbath is still a powerful band with a legendary catalouge of heavy metal classics. It’s still a thrill to see them live!


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