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The Sundresses with Po Brothers, Adventure, Majesty Upside to Play Dillinger’s on Feb 1

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on January 26, 2013

The Sundresses with Po Brothers, Adventure, Majesty Upside

Where: Dillinger’s Music Venue 203 East Main Street , New Albany, Indiana 47150

(502) 438-8628

$8 Doors 8:30pm

event link:


Recent press from Bunbury Music Festival 7/14/12
“Best Daytime Performance”- The News Record (UC) 

“Favorite act on Saturday was The Sundresses, who killed it to a crowd full of dancing people at the AliveOne stage. If you’re into Jack White’s Third Man label, you need to check out The Sundresses. ASAP. You can actually hear the smoke and whiskey in the rumbling bass and beats.”




“…a three-piece who re-invigorate the stagnant art of great guitar music in thrilling new ways….For far too long, the sweet sound of the six-string has been misappropriated by charlatans whose intentions and abilities fail to do it justice….The Sundresses are here to reverse this downward trend. Combining punk, blues, rockabilly, dark country flavours and 1930’s swing, with a hefty dose of acerbically arch, politicised lyricism, they don’t do what everyone else does, and that’s what makes them great….These genii represent the rebirth of the Great American Band.”

“Boozy, shambling and often sexy strut….more addictive than crack cocaine” -Mike Breen, Citybeat

“Gut bucket syncopation, bluesy swagger, all couched in a saturated late night mood” -David Lynch, Austin Chronicle

“Demented, electric shock therapy garage punk that rings with angular old-style rockabilly guitar riffs. Sounds like the Rolling Stones if they had come from Kentucky and were addicted to meth” SXSW 2006

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