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Netherfriends – “Bloomington, IN” from the upcoming Middle America

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It takes a certain kind of musician, a certain kind of person to look at an apartment lease up for renewal as an invitation to pack up a life and hit the road with a seemingly impossible goal – to play a show in every State in the US, meet like-minded musicians along the way and record an original song dedicated, in some way, to a city in that State.
In April of 2010, that’s precisely what Netherfriends, the sometimes band/constant musical project of Shawn Rosenblatt, did.  The tour began in   Philadelphia and ended in Hawaii in April, 2011 and next month the first official  release of that effort, Middle America will see a proper release through Kilo Records.
Today, Impose debuts the first track off Middle America“Bloomington, IN.”
A tree city with a population of 80, 405,  Bloomington is a fine place to record a rolicking indie jam with hints of tropicalia. Rosenblatt possibly wrote “Bloomington, IN” deep into his 50 state adventure (just a theory), which could explain the lyric “then maybe one day music wouldn’t take up all my time / and I could feel like every guy”…these songs are not supposed to be dedications to the locales, but something about Bloomington encouraged Rosenblatt to yearn for the carefree times. The mayor of Bloomington would be wise to make this the official song of the city.

Listen to “Bloomington, IN”, download from iTunes here and check out a video Shawn made about the 50 Songs 50 States tour. 

Continuing tour dates and more media, music and video below!

 Netherfriends 2012 Tour Dates (So Far)
Jan 11 – Little Room – Philadelphia, PA
Jan 13 – Read All Over Books – Fredricksburg, VA
Jan 14 – Paper Mill House – Newark, DE
Jan 19 – Potluck house show – Richmond, VA
Jan 20 – White Collar Crime – Raleigh, NC
Jan 21 – UNC house show – Chapel Hill, NC
Jan 24 – Slims – Raleigh, NC    
DJ set
Jan 26 – Conundrum Hall – Columbia, SC
Jan 27 – The 567 Gallery – Macon, GA
Jan 30 – Retrofit – Tallahasse, FL
Jan 31 – house show – Gainsville, FL
Feb 1 – TBA – New Orleans, LA
Feb 2 – Circle Bar – New Orleans, LA  
w/ Native America
Feb 3 – TBA – New Orleans, LA
Feb 4 – Sam’s Lounge – Jackson, MS
Feb 5 – TBA – Austin, TX
Feb 7 – Mohawk – Austin, TX
Feb 8 – TBA – Ft Worth, TX
Feb 9 – TBA – Columbia, MO    

Feb 10 – Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL  
Middle America release party
Feb 11 – The Whistler – Chicago, IL 
DJ set
Feb 12 – Frank’s Power Plant – Milwaukee, WI
Feb 14 – Mikey’s – Madison, WI    
w/ Asumaya
Feb 15 – TBA – Minneapolis, MN
Feb 16  – TBA – Iowa City, IA
Feb 17 – Bourbon Theater – Omaha, NE
Feb 18 – Lost Lake Lounge – Denver, CO
Feb 19 – TBA – Lawrence, KS
Feb 22 – TBA – St Louis, MO
Feb 23 – TBA – Lafayette, IN
Feb 24 – Ottowa Tavern – Toledo, OH
Feb 25 – TBA – Kalamazoo, MI  

More on Netherfriends’ music from Impose
Netherfriends is the inexhaustable brainchild of Shawn Rosenblatt. Mr. Rosenblatt has one interest and a ruthless dedication to that interest, which has left him jobless and homeless. But that’s a square’s perspective on Netherfriends’ lifestyle. In 2011, Netherfriends released a ambient meditation record entitled Alap, made a record of the silliest Nilsson samples ever written, and took it upon himself to redo the score from the film Baraka – you know, just make it more drone-y and ambient. He is a songwriting and touring machine that spent last year on a 50 state tour, writing and performing songs with musicians in each state.
Head over to Netherfriends’ BandCamp page to check out all the releases.
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