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Rick Springfield at Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on September 26, 2011

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield’s latest visit to Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana Friday evening was very similar to his previous shows. The mostly female audience screamed with excitement with every move of the aging heartthrob,

The night began with his video history with filled early music clips, award ceremonies and scenes from his soup opera character on “General Hospital.”

When Springfield appeared on stage to a frenzy of crazed women, he appeared very thin but fit. He later commented he has began a vegan diet and had lost fifteen pounds. “ Eliminate dairy products from your diet”, was his message and he added “this will be my only political statement of the night”.

The show relies heavily on his stardom as a teen idol. He realizes that many of the women in his audience grew up worshiping him as a sex symbol. He happily plays to this during his show by smashing roses into his guitar, walking into the crowd, and singing with his fans. For his two song encore, he was shirtless to the joy of his audience.

The set included his big hits, “Don’t Talk To Stranger”, “Jessie’s Girl” and a cover of Paul McCartney’s “Jet”. Springfield show still has plenty of energy and his musicianship has improved over the years. His guitar play during JimI Hendrix’s , “Red House” was surprisingly good.

At the age of sixty two, Rick Springfield still delivers a quality show and for a few brief hours allows his fans to return to the dreams of their youth. For many  this show provides the perfect setting for fun shared with old friends and without children, husbands, or worries of the world.

Rick Springfield

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