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NEW YORK, NY— Syndicated Radio Show Host and Rock Icon Nikki Sixx will release “This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography And Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx”, a follow up to his New York Times bestseller, “The Heroin Diaries” on April 12th.  The book, part photo chronicle and part journal, will be accompanied by the release of an original soundtrack from SIXX: A.M., an 11-track companion piece to the book, which will hit stores May 10th.


“I’ve always had an eye for the oddities in life. Even as a kid I saw the world in my own way and thought most things that were different were beautiful and magical. Even things that other people thought were horrifying and disgusting and weird. . . . People say I have a distorted lens. I think I see things as they really are,” said SIXX.  He continues, “I felt the need to bring my visions to life.  This project is raw, it’s what I see and feel through writing, through photos, through video and through music.”

“This Is Gonna Hurt” is part photo, part journal—but all Nikki Sixx. It is a collection of compelling snapshots and stories that capture the rage, love, optimism, darkness, and determination that shape his work. Told with the raw authenticity that defined his New York Times bestseller “The Heroin Diaries”, “This Is Gonna Hurt” chronicles Sixx’s experience, from references to his early years filled with toxic waste to his success with Mötley Crüe, his death from an OD and rebirth to his addictions to music, photography, and love along with the journey of photographing these images over the past couple of years.

“I want to take you on the journey I am on, in real time,” Sixx writes. “If you don’t deal with your demons, they will deal with you, and it’s gonna hurt.”


Sixx draws from his pain and sobriety for strength and inspiration as seen and heard in this raw and powerful project.  The accompanying similarly titled soundtrack from SIXX: A.M. is a chilling, heavy take on the concept of the book and photography.  Throughout all mediums SIXX gives us a glimpse inside his sick and dirty mind.


“This Is Gonna Hurt” will include dozens of Nikki’s images and will be the first public viewing of his photography. The book and soundtrack both incorporate the stories behind the pictures and how they came to be, including interviews with the subjects so readers can see “what life is like for those whom society has labeled as freaks.”


“This is Gonna Hurt” will roll out in an innovative multi platform release structure, similar to the multi platform release pioneered by Sixx for his first book release “The Heroin Diaries.”  The artistic endeavor pairs the new book with accompanying multimedia projects: a soundtrack, a new single, a book signing tour and select SIXX:A.M. shows.


The album is highlighted by tracks like the first single, “Lies of the Beautiful People,” which tackles contradictions in society.  Contradictions that inspired Nikki and even had Nikki questioning, “if I find beauty in all these places that most deem “Freakish” and “Macabre” then why do I also, at times, seek out beauty in what society calls beautiful? Am I contradicting myself or am I able to actually look beneath the surface when others sometimes can’t? This is a good question. Make no mistake when I refer to “The lies of beautiful people” I mean what I say but I am also saying look beneath the skin.”


The album as a whole deals with many raw, human issues.  Nikki talks about the album as “pulling back the veil on your internal truth.” Saying, “We are who we are… Either poisonous and evil or honest and willing… Willing to make a difference… I haven’t led the life of a saint nor do I intend on it now.”


The thoughtful album—produced entirely by James Michael with writing credits going to SIXX, Michael, Ashba and band friends John William Lowrey and Blair Daly— dives deep into meandering emotions through epic melodies. The resulting work is a deep, dark and intoxicatingly addictive mix of sounds and passion.


The campaign has kicked-off on Nikki’s vibrant online community with the recent releases of video teasers (links to the teasers below) and select photographic images which will be followed by the launch a new single from SIXX:A.M. The first single, “Lies of the Beautiful People,” will go to radio on March 1st, the book will hit stores April 12th and the full soundtrack CD will be available on May 10th.


“This is Gonna Hurt” the book, will be released through Harper Collins imprint William Morrow and accompanying soundtrack will be released on Eleven Seven Music. Expect SIXX: A.M., which consists of Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael, to announce a run of tour dates in support of the release.


Album Track Listing:

  1. This Is Gonna Hurt
  2. Lies of the Beautiful People
  3. Are You With Me
  4. Live Forever
  5. Sure Feels Right
  6. Deadlihood
  7. Smile
  8. Help Is On the Way
  9. Oh My God
  10. Goodbye My Friends
  11. Skin

Writer Credits:
This is Gonna Hurt – Michael, Sixx, Ashba
Lies Of The Beautiful People – Michael, Sixx, John William Lowrey, Ashba
Live Forever – Michael, Sixx, Ashba
Are You With Me Now – Michael, Sixx, Ashba
Sure Feels Right – Michael, Sixx, Ashba
Deadlihood – Michael, Sixx, Blair Daly
Smile – Michael, Sixx
Oh My God – Michael, Sixx, Ashba
Goodbye Dear Friends – Michael, Sixx, Ashba
Skin – Michael, Blair Daly
Help Is On The Way – Michael, Sixx, Ashba







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  1. Billie V. Holder said, on February 22, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    …..Crue Fest logo – Motley Crue…….Motley Crue have announced details of their Crue Fest touring package with Buckcherry Trapt Papa Roach and Sixx A.M. Support for the jaunt will be Buckcherry Trapt Papa Roach and the Nikki Sixx side project Sixx A.M. .The Crue Fest dates will also be Sixx A.M.s first tour with the group having previously played only a five-song set at LAs Crash Mansion.

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