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Taylor Swift Dazzles KFC Yum Center

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on October 12, 2011





Taylor Swift @ KFC Yum Center


 Taylor Swift made up her canceled July  concert with a dazzling performance at a sold out KFC Yum Center in Louisville ,Ky.  It was quickly evident that she was completely forgiven, as her fans arrived early dressed in Taylor full attire. The fan based consisted of females from early teens and younger many with mothers in tow, carried signs asking to be selected for Swift’s famous T-Party after show meet and greet. The Yum Center plaza filled up before 5:30p.m. as many tried to beat the traffic jam created by the closing of the Sherman Minton Bridge.  This was the first major show since it’s closing and traffic began backing up before 4 o’clock. As fans piled in the arena, the plaza was scattered with fathers who waited outside during the show for their daughters.

When the curtain came down around 8:30.  Swift was greeted to a screaming audience unlike anything I have heard since The Beatles. The elaborate stage that included cut out areas for her fan club. The background included a  gold stairwell and three video screens. Taylor Swift is a beautiful talented performer, she danced, played guitar and her vocals couldn’t have been better. She connects with her audience as well as anyone in the business.

This show was worth the wait and made up for the thousands of hearts that broken from the cancelation. I overheard one fan saying” I have had this ticket for 269 days and I would do it again to see Taylor.

Taylor Swift @ KFC Yum Center

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