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My Morning Jacket, A Classic at Yum Center

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on November 2, 2010

The Eagles may have played the first show at the Yum Center a few weeks ago, however Louisville really opened the new arena Friday when My Morning Jacket combined with local artists,  The Louisville Youth Orchestra and Wax Fang for an epic show.

Conductor Jason Seber and his young Orchestra played an impressive set mixing Beethoven, Led Zeppelin and Journey.

Wax Fang followed choosing glowing Tron suits that looked amazing but created constant feedback early in the set and frustrated guitarist,Scott Carney . He finally removed the suit and told the audience” Now I look like a baseball coach”. The sound was a distracting, but this band showed why they are receiving great reviews and very well could be headlining a YUM show themselves in a few years.

The Eagles show sold out the Yum Center and filled it with an older more conservative crowd. For this show the upper arena was closed off but an excited young audience, many dressed in Halloween gear filled the place with energy and anticipation as the time neared for My Morning Jacket to hit the stage.

From the outset, the quintet grabbed the audience and did not let go. A caped,Jim James leaped, danced and slid across the stage during the opening number  “Wordless Chorus” and his terrific band mates consisting of, Bassist, Tom Blankenship, Drummer Patrick Hallahan kept the pace with their pounding beat. Carl Broemel on electric guitar was never better, mixing grudge, blazing solos and chords with James. Keyboardist, Bo Koester filled in where necessary and added excellent background vocals. His harmonies stood out on several numbers, which is difficult to do when you have a voice like James leading the band.

Jim James voice is an added instrument, soaring, haunting and surreal. It is clear that he is completely taken over by the music and you have to wonder how did he create such original music here in Louisville.

The band played several songs with The Louisville Youth Orchestra giving the students a thrill and the crowd a different twist to some old favorites.

They played the encore in Colonel Sanders outfits complete with a chicken and a balloon drop.

James said’ “ He gets emotional when he plays in his home town”. When they ended with a rousing “One Big Holiday”.

You couldn’t help feeling proud that one of the best bands in Rock and Roll is from our city.

1. Wordless Chorus (+ LYSO)

2. Evil Urges (+ LYSO)

3. Gideon ( + LYSO)

4. The Way That He Sings (+ LYSO)

5. Heartbreakin Man

6. Golden

7. Thank You Too! (+ LYSO)

8. Evelyn Is Not Real

9. Anytime

10. Mahgeetah

11. Carried Away

12. Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

13. I’m Amazed

14. Circuital

15. Dondante

16. Smokin From Shootin

17. (end of) Run Thru

18. Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt.2

19. (end of) Lay Low

20. Phone Went West


21. Bermuda Highway (+ LYSO)

22. Librarian (+ LYSO)

23. Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt.1

24. Highly Suspicious

25. Off The Record

26. Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield) (+ LYSO)

27. One Big Holiday

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The Finale with Colonel Sanders outfits and Puppets


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