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Neil Young brings Twisted Road Tour to Louisville Palace

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on May 29, 2010

For the first time since his visit to Louisville at Farm Aid in 1995, Neil Young returned to Louisville. He played only four songs that day in Cardinal Stadium.His last appearance prior to that was in 1983 when he collapsed from flu symptoms  half way through a show in Commonwealth Convention Center causing a near riot. Sunshine Promotions promised a rescheduled show but that never occurred.

An excited crowd filled The Louisville Palace to witness one of the most anticipated shows to come to Louisville since The Rolling Stones visit to Churchill Downs in 2006.
The good news is Young delivers a fantastic show. Beginning the show with three acoustic numbers, he rarely touched his acoustic guitar again.

The 64 year old music legend spent his 90 minute show wandering the stage playing a variety of instruments and mixings songs from his music catalogue that spans five decades.

His strong voice was majestic and his musical talent is incredible. 

The show had many emotional moments from nearly tears on”I Believe in You” to chills on “After the Gold Rush”. The entire crowd was ready to march after “Ohio”

There were complaints in the local media about the high price of tickets $85-250 each. I spoke to fans after the show most agreed it was a priceless show and would pay every penny to see it again.

Young has earned the right to do and play what he feels. His fans understand that he is a complicated musical genius and what ever he does will be an exciting musical trip.

Set List

My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) acoustic

Tell Me Why acoustic

Helpless acoustic

You Never Call

Peaceful Valley

Love And War

Down By The River “Old Black” 1953 Gibson Les Paul

Hitchhiker ” Old Black” 1953 Gibson Les Paul

Ohio White  Gretsch Guitar

Sign Of Love

Leia piano

After The Gold Rush Pump Organ

I Believe In You grand piano


Cortez The Killer

Cinnamon Girl


Walk With Me

The eccentric, two time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer does things his own way. Restricting drink and food from the theater and repeating announcing to turn cell phones off.

As a photographer, it was the most disappointing and difficult show I have been allowed to photograph. We were given two songs from the back of the hall and making matters worse these were the opening numbers that Young was seated in low light and wearing his trademark hat. It was next to impossible to get a good shot. While our venue guides apologized, one photographer said,” He should of just said no to us”.
 I appreciate the opportunity although these photos won’t be in any portfolio of mine.

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