Scene and Heard

Stephen Lynch performs at Horseshoe Southern Indiana

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on April 3, 2010

Comedian and Musician,Stephen Lynchbrought his explicit comedy routine toHorseshoe Casino In Friday evening. The talented musician picked on all subjects, beginning his show with song ‘Waiting” , a song about a person contemplating his mistakes in great detail while waiting for his AIDS test results.

Lynch is a Tony nominated actor, for Broadway’s ” The Wedding Singer” and a classically trained musician. He clearly has  a great amount of talent, which he uses to sing about the most untouchable subjects, such as Jesus’s brother Craig to Toilet seats at McDonalds.

Comedy Central Network,  invited Stephen to record his 1st special in 2000. That special became one of their highest rated performances, almost unheard of for an unknown. Stephen’s 2nd special debuted in January 2008, with similarly high ratings.

Early in the show Lynch remarked, ” some of you won’t be here when my show ends”. While his raw style insulted a small portion of the audience, who did leave early. The majority knew what to expect and Stephen Lynch delivered it to them.

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